About Us


The meaning Sanjogh in Indian origin means the union of souls. The brand itself is built on that very idea of bringing people together. Although this is a new business venture, we would like it to be the start of a very new beginning also in the way we should shop - with purpose.


The Shop for a Cause Project is an initiative by Sanjogh that will aim to reach out to as many charities around the world as possible, to help make a difference in someone’s "everyday". The purpose IS to shop with a purpose. With every purchase made, 10% will be going directly to help a different charity each month.


Each piece of statement jewelry is meant to make you feel beautiful. It is meant to make you a statement wherever you go.


Together, not only can we have fun shopping for sophisticated hand-picked jewelry, but we can do it with love and grace by making an impact on lives of all shapes and sizes.

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